About Maha Rudra Yajnam

Eshwara Peedam, an organisation founded by Sri Rajarajeswara Swamiji   and functioning with an objective of making this earth happy,peaceful and green proposes to conduct “SRI MAHARUDRA YAGNAM” for  the welfare and the benefit of everyone throughout the world.This yagnam with its powerful manthras is very  effective  to  remove ‘evil spells’,  known  or  unknown sins,  curses  from ancestors or any other such ill effects, and bestow us with all prosperity.

To fulfill the above objectives this Maha Yagna is going to be performed at Ambattur on 29-12-2013. (14th  day of the tamil month Margazhi).We fervently request all of you to kindly participate and contribute for this noble cause liberally in cash/kind and to reap the full benefit.

Further for the benefit of the devotees and for better understanding we wish to share with you some details about Sri Maha Rudhra Yagnam in the following lines.

Amongst the four Vedas – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana , Yajur Veda is very special. In Yajur Veda ‘Sri Rudram ’ is considered the most sacred. The Yajur Veda thaitriya Samhitai contains seven cantos and Panchatchara Mantra (NA-MA-SI-VA-YA) occupies the prime position in the middle of the 4th Canto.

Sri Rudram chanting and performing homa had an important place in the daily worship of devotees from time immemorial. All our desires are fulfilled by chanting Sri Rudram. Rudram is considered the greatest Universal penance of all the penances.

By pouring water to the root of the tree, all the parts of the tree gets the benefit and reciprocates in the form of fruits ,leaves etc, likewise chanting Sri Rudram, satisfies all Devathas and there by they bestow us with their blessings. Whoever does the Rudra japa in the proper way will be freed from all the sins and his wishes are fulfilled.

He gets Siva Sayujya (liberation) in the end.

The Sri Rudram consists of two parts – “Rudram & Chamakam” each containing eleven ‘Anuvakas’ (inner divisions.)

The 1st anuvaka of Sri Rudram is a prayer for pleasing Eshwara who has become angry with those who have flouted his orders. From 2nd to 9th anuvakas various names attributing his supremacy, nature, omini presence and various aspects are denoted and worshiped. In the 10th anuvaka we pray Eshwara for fulfilling our desires and to remove all the obstacles in our life. In the 11th Anuvaka the Rudra ganas are worshiped.

The anuvakas of “chamakam” is our prayer to Sri Rudra, to provide all necessary things for continued survival and prosperity of humanity. The subject matter of the mantra mainly deals with this aspect of fulfilling our requirements.

Though the recital repeatedly says ( chamay chamay) to me (grant me) it should be understood that the application is on behalf of all the humanity and not for an individual only.

Chamaka gives the complete list of things we need to pray for .We will find that there is absolutely nothing more to pray for, than what is being asked in Chamaka.


The ways and mode of Japam and Homam

The Maha Rudra japam chanting is performed in the following manner.

121 Purohithas or Rithwicks will chant 11 times the Sri Rudram totaling to 1331 times (121×11=1331) followed by 121 times chamakam (one Anuvakam of chamakam on each round completion of Rudram ). 11 rithwicks will perform Dasamsa (1/10 of 1331 =133 times homa with Rudra and chamaka mantras. Because of the huge nature of the japa and homa it is known as Maha Rudra Yagnam

By performing Maharudra yagnam by ourself or jointly with others or if we hear the chanting of the mantras or witness the same, it will bestow us with all benefits and wipe out all our sins.

With the sole aim of enlighting you of the benefits of the homa we have shared a few details as above. We have also given below the list of Pooja materials required for the homa and benefits in donating them.

For the benefit of the participants and their family members we have also given a Sankalpa Form. You are requested to fill up this form and send it to us in advance for our action.

Further we request you to treat this as an invitation from Eshwara Peedam and participate in this holy event. We have also given the details of materials which can be donated by you along with the cost for your kind consideration.

By participating in this sacred event let everybody reap the benefits thereby. We fervently pray to Lord Parameshwara to shower you and your family with all Sowbagya, Ayur, Arogya & Sowkyam.

Eshwara Jayanthi

Maha Rudra Yajnam

On December 29th 2013
Venue :

G.K.Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College, Ambattur.
All are Welcome!

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