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Our Projects

Eshwara Peedam is a collective effort of various volunteers who are ready to dedicate their lives for the well being of this world (Loka Kshema) The volunteers of Eshwara Peedam are involved in various projects designed with an objective of making this world happy, peaceful and green.

Eshwara Dhyana Kendra

The Kendra offers a stage by stage Yoga / meditation course to its volunteers, which is designed systematically towards realizing our true nature.


Eshwara Nature Conservation Project

This project is aimed at achieving our objective of a GREEN EARTH . There are many sub projects under this project.

Some of them are

Clean and Green Temples (Place of Worship)
Green Schools
Green Factories
Preserving temple grooves
Rain water harvesting

….and many more

The task which we have taken and the path which we are choosing to tread is a long one every new volunteer will add to our strength.


Eshwara Annadana Yajna

We at Eshwara Peedam are of the firm belief that the biggest Yajna (offering through fire) is Annadana Yajna.People offering food for the fire in the belly will be blessed more than people performing any other Yajna . We at Eshwara Peedam have started a Yajna where every person will keep a fist full of rice separately for poor before preparing food everyday.This rice will be collected by the Yagna volunteers and cooked and served to the needy people at various places and also during calamities like flood , tsunami etc. Large amount of donation is required for this noble cause.


Eshwara Vidyashramam

Eshwara Peedam will be setting up schools or tutorials where education will be given free of cost to the needy children.Teachers interested in taking part in this project may please contact us.


Eshwara Namasankeerthana Kendra

It is said that the easiest way of salvation in Kali Yuga is Bhakthi. Namasankeerthana or singing the Praise of the lord is an integral part of bhakthi.The Kendra will strive towards spreading this traditional practice of Nama Sankeerthana in various places .

Eshwara Jayanthi

Maha Rudra Yajnam

On December 29th 2013
Venue :

G.K.Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College, Ambattur.
All are Welcome!

Bala Sadhana 2013

The Children’s Workshop Celebrating Summer with Nature

Date : May 9 – May 12th Venue : G.K.Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College, Ambattur.

This is an Amazing Workshop designed by Eshwara Peedam for your ChildrZen filled with Fun, Active, Spiritual, Enriching and Educational Summer Experience. It is a four day workshop including a day’s field trip.